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Weight Loss Program

Are you fed up with fad diets? Are sugar cravings sabotaging your diet plan? Does it feel like you’re doing all the right things but still not losing weight? While the promise of a quick weight loss fix can be tempting, innately we know that fad diets simply don’t work.

The problem is that they’re not a sustainable lifestyle change, and they leave us feeling deprived, hungry, and low in energy. They focus on calories, or encourage the consumption of “diet food” low in fat and full of artificial sweeteners. Most diets also fail to address the underlying lifestyle factors affecting weight loss, such as proper sleep and reducing stress.

So what are the key ingredients for sustainable weight loss?

Throughout my years in practice, I have found that patients with the most success are those who:

  • Ditch the dieting mentality and adopt a lifestyle approach grounded in eating the right foods at the right times and in the right amounts.
  • Address any hormonal, metabolic or lifestyle factors influencing their metabolism.
  • Incorporate regular, physical activity into their lifestyle.
  • Have a system of accountability in place, such as recording their foods daily and scheduling regular weigh-ins.

With this in mind, the Holistic Weight Loss Program was designed to help you look and feel your personal best. The goal is to get to the root of your weight loss challenges, while providing support and accountability along the way. Common barriers to weight loss addressed in the program include fatigue and lack of sleep, blood sugar imbalances, stress, and hormonal changes.

What to expect:

The initial appointment involves a detailed medical history, a review of your nutrition and lifestyle habits, and lab testing to screen for other conditions that can block or slow down your weight loss progress. While we wait for your lab results, we will get started with treatment that supports the foundational aspects of healthy and sustainable weight loss. In your second appointment we will review your test results and a 3-month care plan will be presented. Appointments then take place every 2-4 weeks to keep you on track, trouble-shoot challenges, and break through weight loss plateaus. Visit fees are covered by most extended health benefits plans. To get started, click here to book your one-hour initial consultation.