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Sweets in the office, weekly social events and parties, less time to exercise, more stress and running around – it’s no wonder even the most committed of us can fall out of our health routine over the holidays! One of the most important steps to staying on track is to continue prioritizing your health by planning and prepping your meals. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail! Take 15 minutes to write out what you’re having for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week. Start each day with a protein-rich breakfast (eggs, smoothie, or non-sweetened greek yogurt with berries), pack your lunch, and have healthy snacks on hand when cravings hit. I always pack raw veggies for times when I just want to munch on something, an apple if I’m craving something sweet, or Dr. Joey’s Skinny Chews when an apple isn’t satisfying enough!

Eating out doesn’t have to sabotage healthy eating. Divide your plate so half is filled with green vegetables, one quarter with protein and one quarter with a healthy carb. If you go for seconds, maintain the same proportions. Remember that being healthy isn’t about being perfect. It’s doing things right 80% of the time, getting back on track when we’ve veered away from our health routine, and being kind to ourselves throughout the process!