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Last night I was speaking with a group of women on healthy living and the question of how to stick with an exercise routine came up. I posed the question to the rest of the group and decided to share the answers that came from this amazing group of women:

  • Exercise with a friend, or join a group/team. Exercising with others is more enjoyable, and it keeps you motivated and accountable to someone else. 
  • Make it a priority, schedule it into your calendar, and treat it just like any other appointment.
  • Just be more active in your day-to-day living. All the small things you do everyday add up (taking the stairs, walking, cleaning the house, running errands).
  • Buy a dog. (I loved this one because they not only force us to exercise, but also to spend more time outdoors, which most of us don’t do in the winter!)

We all agreed that when it comes to exercise, often times the hardest part is starting. Once you establish a regular work-out routine it becomes much easier to stick with because of how great you feel afterwards (more energy, better focus and concentration, more productive at work, improved mood, better sleep… the list goes on!) Make it your goal this weekend to be active for 30 minutes!