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As the holidays approach and we become surrounded by sweet temptations, it can be difficult (even for me) to stick to our regular healthy eating routine. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the holidays, and a little indulgence, guilt-free.

  1. Keep treats out of the home, or store in the freezer. Remember, out of sight, out of mind! The same principle applies to buffet-style parties; avoid standing right next to the buffet table and make family and friends, not food, your focus.
  1. Watch your alcohol consumption. Alcohol is not only high in sugar and calories but also reduces our willpower, making us more likely to overindulge and eat past the point of being full. Limit to 1-2 glasses and stick to lemon water for the rest of the evening.
  1. Rather than nibbling a little bit of every dessert, choose one that you absolutely love and enjoy every bite of it. Sip on a hot beverage, and move to a spot away from the dessert table to avoid going for seconds.
  1. Give yourself a 12-hour fast. Eating late at night during the holidays is difficult to avoid and we know that it packs on the pounds. Waiting 12 hours before eating breakfast the following day allows your body to switch into its fat-burning mode and offset the effects of late night eating.
  1. Have a post pig-out plan. Squeeze in a work-out or go for a long walk the following day, and make sure your meals contain a good amount of protein and fibre. Remember that being healthy isn’t about being perfect. It’s about doing things right 80-85% of the time, being able to get back on track when we’ve veered away from our health routine, and being kind to ourselves throughout the process!